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"I really just love to paint."

Welcome to my contemporary collection. I love painting, which is one of my favorite mediums to create art with. I love how paint and color by itself in the abstract form can say so much, and have a personality of its own. I love working on large canvases with oil paint, because it gives me time to experiment and let the beautiful color breathe and speak for itself. One of the reasons I personally enjoy creating abstract work is because you don't necessarily have a concrete plan going into the piece of how it's all going to turn out. It is an experiential art of acting and then often reacting to the beautiful gestures from the body to the brush onto the canvas. I often spend at least two - three months with my large abstract pieces before they are complete. I like mixing the unique combinations of vibrant and subtle color, and the excitement of seeing what can happen when I take my time with creation.

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