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A n   O riginal Collection of

St. Lawrence University

inspired artwork

Herring - Cole

limited edition

Silkscreen print

 This truly is a special piece, and the most extensive project I have ever worked on to date! Inspired by the exceptional and iconic St. Lawrence "Herring-Cole" building, I was interested in creating an iconic image that represented everything that St. Lawrence is and has been since it was founded. I love how the iconic and classic stained glass Rose window features the St. Lawrence crest in the middle, and embodies everything it means to be a Laurentian. Therefore, I went ahead and spent a year creating this piece. There are 27 layers of hand pulled ink, and  all are hand drawn and created! There are 221 within the edition and still some left for purchase. Order yours today!

F e a t u r e d  w o r k :

Here you will find all original artwork made in the love of the

St. Lawrence University Spirit! As an alumna, I love my school, and was inspired to create pieces that reminded me of  my awesome experiences there. These original silkscreen prints are available for purchase right here on my site, and a perfect addition to any home or office to help represent SLU pride!




St. Lawrence University Alumni Camp

on Upper Saranac Lake



Spending time in the Adirondacks in the summer is something I always look forward to every year. This camp in particular holds a special place in my heart, as I spent time here growing up, and working as one of the staff for two summers during my years at

St. Lawrence. It is a special place to gather and reunion with 

St. Lawrence friends and family.

There is no place like the Tick Tock

The Tick Tock is a one of a kind place, where " there are no strangers, just friends you have never met."

That is a saying commonly used to describe this gem of a place,

and is a popular gathering spot for SLU students most Saturday nights. Therefore, I felt that this classic St. Lawrence bar needed its own poster.

Just Released! Get yours today for a limited time!

Located in Upstate New York, there is no other place like The Hoot Owl for the locals and college students to gather. This place is like a time capsule, with the old train station walls covered with memorabilia from yesteryear, and where you can always feel like you are coming back home.

"Tradition never graduates" says the Hoot Owl, along with "U Never No", and "Scary isn't it?"

Here, you are sure to have most definitely a

HOOT of a TIME! :)

The Hoot Owl

Created by a Laurentian,

for Laurentians. For. Life.

Order your original SLU artwork today!!

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